Will the VetechBusa fit under the bonnet of a mini?


What about torque steer?

The driveshafts are unequal lengths, but we have designed them to be different diameters and they have identical torsional stiffness; this will minimise torque steer.

I've heard motorbike engines are very noisy and have to be driven at high revs all the time?

The Suzuki Hayabusa motorbike is a tourer not a super bike. The engine has a high torque output from low revs and quite a flat torque curve. It is easy to drive at low speeds and is relatively quiet. Of course, once you press the accelerator down it then becomes very loud and very fast but you don't need to drive like this all the time!

What do I get for my money?

We offer a variety of purchasing options. In the cheapest option, we supply you with all the bits that we make along with a list of all the off-the-shelf components and assembly instructions. We can supply complete kits, fully built engines or fully built up front subframes, ready to be installed, and any option between these. Along with the engine, we have developed a full set of installation bits for a classic Mini, a super charged option, and a number of engine upgrades. You can buy as much or as little as you want.

Want alterations do I need to do to my Mini?

There is no need to modify any of the bodywork or shell. There is a small cut away required on the front subframe, but we recommend that you build up the engine onto a new subframe anyway and keep the old one complete with the A-series engine should you ever wish to put the car back to an original state.

Do I need an IVA?

No! Because there are no changes to the bodywork, installing a VetechBusa only counts as an engine swap so you do not generate enough points to require an IVA.

Can I use any Hayabusa engine?

As far as we are aware yes, if you have any questions about this please get in contact with us.

Where can I get a donor engine?

Ebay is a good place to look, watch out for people selling off crash damaged bikes which they have split into parts. Be careful that the engine is complete, some people strip parts off the engine (such as the loom and ecu, throttle bodies etc) and sell them separately. Make sure you are certain of what you are buying. Yorkshire Engine Supplies are also a good source of 2nd hand engines and you can buy new crate engines from Radical.

Can I revert my Mini back to its original state?

Yes! Because there are no bodywork modifications and the VetechBusa is entirely mounted on the subframe, the surbframe can be swapped out very easily and the original engine can be reinstalled. This would probably take a weekend to do?


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