Latest Update: Orange Mini Project Well Underway!

The orange Mini is our installation case study. We are going to convert the car from its 'as-bought' state, with a 32bhp 1100cc A-Series engine, to a VetechBusa with up to 10 times higher power output. As we do this, we will be recording and documenting the conversion process and this will be used as a case study to show how easy the VetechBusa is to install into a classic Mini. Once finished, it will become our test and development vehicle. More excitingly for you however, it will become our customer demo car. It is going to be as factory standard inside and out as possible, replacing all the seals, gaskets and bolt on bits to demonstrate just how simple, stress free and performance enhancing the install of the VetechBusa package to any Mini really is.

We've managed to engineer an unimaginably compact package. To fit everything into the standard space envelope the only modification required to a standard Mini component is a small cut away from an edge of the subframe, this creates adequate clearance for the oil pump and clutch. It's as simple as using the provided template to simply mark, cut and grind away the small amount of frame. In fact it took one of our guys Rob under an hour to grind the metal away and make sure the frame was nice and tidy for the install (see picture below). Depending on which rad option you choose this could be you ready to go, we have decided to fit the maximum sized rad possible which requires two small holes to be drilled to mount it.

When the subframe returned from powder coating, the front suspension was assembled and our next to new Mini touched down in the workshop on four wheels. Next, we made a set of mandrills for bespoke silicone hoses to suit our super charger and radiators. We've got lots of newly designed brackets and we are machining new mounts to support bits off the engine.

The build project will all be carried out in house here at Vetech Product Design and Development Ltd. and documented to keep you updated. All the work will be done by ourselves with the exception of replacing the roof lining.

July 2016: Vetech Competes in the 2016 fastest Mini in the World Event

Vetech team up with A2Z minis to make a serious attempt on the Fastest Mini in the World race:
Rohith de Silva's car, Vetech's supercharged Vetechbusa engine.

After an offer we couldn't refuse from Rohith de Silva, Vetech decided to break with tradition and effectively develop and test the new VetechBusa engine in public at the 2016 Fastest Mini in the World race at Brands Hatch. This is the story of the days before the race. Now with video!

Read more about the Fastest Mini in the World race here

VetechBusa 10000RPM Dyno Run

Just listen!



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