The VetechBusa repackages the acclaimed Suzuki Hayabusa motorbike engine so that it can be installed directly into a car. The compact and lightweight unit includes Suzuki's gearbox with added reverse gear and limited slip differential, and fits into the engine bay of a classic Mini without the need for any bodywork or shell modifications.

Although designed around the Mini, the VetechBusa is compact, lightweight and powerful and as such is suitable for fitting in a range of other vehicles, either front or mid-engined, for example, the Lotus Elise, MGF or component cars.

Indicative Specification

Standard Suzuki GSXR 1300 (Hayabusa) donor components:

  • Cylinder head and induction
  • Barrel, crank, rods and pistons
  • Clutch and gearbox internals
  • Oil pump
  • Alternator

Vetech designed components

  • All housings below the barrels
  • Gear selector barrel
  • Reverse gear components,
  • Heavy duty gearbox-driven shaft
  • Final drive gears
  • LH and RH driveshafts
  • Gear change system

Proprietary (non Suzuki) components

  • Engine management system
  • Differential
  • Electric water pump
  • Gears and drive shafts
  • Wiring loom

All Torque

This graph shows the power and torque curves of a naturally-aspirated VetechBusa and a Mk1 Mini Cooper S.

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