The VetechBusa engine conversion kit will be available in a number of states with corresponding prices.

1. The cheapest option will be just the machined and turned parts along with a list of other, off the shelf parts for you to buy yourself. All parts for this option will be manufactured in-house by Vetech.

2. We can offer a complete naturally aspirated 'base engine' kit, which includes all the machined parts and all the bought in components. This package will provide you with all the required components for the build, enabling you to complete the conversion build yourself.

3. We can also supply a fully built engine, or a complete front sub-frame assembly. This option will be in association with a partner company.

Prices are not yet finalised, but will be extremely competitive when compared with the overall cost of existing alternatives.

Base Engine Kit

Installation Parts

Engine Upgrades

The list of installation parts and optional extras is not exhaustive and we are continually adding new options as we develop them. These will include engine upgrades, light weight options and installation kits for other cars. We have focused on the Classic Mini installation first as this provided the smallest space envelope for the full design project, and as such we've created the smallest, most powerful and versatile package available.


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